Male and female garments are designed to go underneath the dog to prevent matting of the hair.  It has two sets of straps.  One goes over the back, the other goes around the stomach.  The straps that go around the middle are adjustable and buckle. 

(Important:  The design of the male garment is the same as for the female garment, only longer.  The male sizing has one additional size-extra small, long with waist 15 inches or less.)

Once you  adjust the straps so they are snug the dog can not get out of them.  The garment is made with padding.  This makes it soft, study, and absorbs any wetting. 

Rectum and tail area is open making it easy for the dog to poop if necessary without spoiling the garment.

Before you use the garment adjust the straps to fit and put a pad in them to absorb wetting.  (Pads are not included.)   Cut the pad in half, then take the strip off and put the sticky side on the garment.

The most cost effective and versatile product on the market: durable, reusable and adjustable.  Works with cats, too!

$19.95 (shipping not included)

Buy online or local at these locations:

Ark Pet Store, Ames, Iowa
Brown Dog Bakery, Ankeny, Iowa
JRG Pet Store, Fort Dodge, Iowa
Critter Nation, Webster City, Iowa
Almost Home Humane Society, Fort Dodge, Iowa
Just Dogs Gourmet, Des Moines, Iowa
Jett and Monkeys, Des Moines, Iowa

314 1st Ave. N.
Slater, Iowa  50244


Male or Female
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